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Bazaar is the distributed VCS which is used if you want to host your software on Canonical sponsored Launchpad service (

If you are behind a corporate firewall, there are some problems when trying to fetch/push on a launchpad hosted project. Behind a firewall, only the SSH protocol can be used, even to fetch. As such you will first need to have a valid launchpad account.

There are some interesting information about the problems behind a firewall in this article:

To use bzr behind a firewall, you will need some similar configuration as with git. For example, if you want to get source code from launchpad, you need to edit the file $HOME/.ssh/config and add this:

Host *
   ProxyCommand corkscrew <proxy> <port> %h %p
   User <your launchpad account name>

Of course like with git, you need to have corkscrew installed. If you run Ubuntu (or any other Debian based distro):

sudo apt-get install corkscrew

Now if you want to fetch a branch on a Launchpad hosted project, just run:

bzr branch bzr+ssh://
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