Tablet2 Battery Charging

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The key is to switch to "BAT" position before connecting the charger. Charging of completely depleted battery requires having serial connection and stopping in uboot.


[edit] Charging of completely depleted battery

[edit] Ensure power switch to "OFF" position

1 battery charging.png

[edit] Connect serial cable

2 battery charging.png

[edit] Flip the power switch to "BAT" position

3 battery charging.png

[edit] Connect USB wall charger

4 battery charging.png

[edit] When u-boot message appears on terminal stop it in u-boot by pressing key, don't let the kernel start booting

5 battery charging.png

[edit] Leave it for 1 hour, and then let kernel to boot

If battery is charged to the level at which the kernel can boot, the battery charger can be continued with USB or AC charger

[edit] Regular Charging

[edit] AC charging

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