TI's V4L2 based FM driver Test Procedure

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[edit] Validating the presence of the FM driver in Kernel

After booting the board look for /dev/radio0 device node which indicates the presence of the FM driver built-in within the kernel

[edit] Testing FM Radio

There are 2 ways to test the FM,

[edit] kfmapp

Kfmapp is the CLI test tool used to test the TI's V4L2 based FM driver.

                Opening device '/dev/radio0'
                 ***/dev/radio0 Info ****
                 Driver       : ti_fmdrv
                 Card         : TI FM Radio
                 Bus          : UART
                 Capabilities : 0x10f0500
                 1 FM RX
                 2 FM TX
                 3 Exit

Now you can choose between FM RX (press 1)and FM TX (press 2)

Below is the list of avilable FM RX Commands:

Available FM Transmitter Commands:

[edit] FM GUI

TI's own FM GUI solution for Wilink chip-sets.

"FM Receiver"

"FM Transmitter"

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