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This page will describe the details on how to get a camera working with the PandaBoard. PandaBoard can support either USB or CSI-2 cameras.

[edit] CSI-2 Camera Support

CSI-2 camera header is exposed at location J17 (on Rev A1 PandaBoards) right next to the DB9 UART connector.
To be able to use this header a SAMTEC TFM series 2*15 SMT connector needs to be soldered on to the board.
Then the correct adapterboard for the camera sensor needs to be plugged in along with the sensor.
We have validated the pandaboard with Omnivision 5640 and 5650 sensors as can be seen by the picture below.

Circuitco is selling adapterboards and 5650 sensors through their e-commerce website : Boardzoo
If you're interested in obtaining the sensors please check for availability with omnivision or their distributors. We have seen distributors such as Nuhorizons carrying them. (search for part # OV05650-MRBL-A64T).

PandaBoard Camera Setup
Panda Camera.jpg

[edit] Software

You can find the actual gitorious project wiki along with the code here:

[edit] USB Camera Support

See the USB Webcam Topic in the Android releases.

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