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[edit] Introduction

Details about the GFX Package

This offering delivered is based on the Poky Release called L23.i3.6. To be able to reproduce the Linux kernel environment the Kernel, u-boot and x-loader git trees with the commit IDs have been included in the box below. The SGX core kernel drivers, libraries, and binaries can then be added to the kernel file system.

git://;branch=master;protocol=git Commit: 1b82b557e081e9368c96c92c06fb9ac1243f1d44

git://;branch=master;protocol=git  Commit: 3cef0d053672743a541cf00448ee81a7bcb6558a

Commit: 9c7fcc16a2d365d39e9f864166cfca071f44cf2b

Pre-Built Binaries
With this release the pre-built binaries and a kernel+graphics file system has been included in the GFX package specified in the next section. If you would like to download the kernel file system separately it can be obtained from Poky_Kernel_05252010.

[edit] Downloading the SDK

[edit] Installing the SGX Pacakge

After accepting the click wrap agreement and download the package ( Then unzip and you will find the following the following file: OMAP36xx_L23Inc3.6_SGX_SDK_zoom3- (self extracting package), place in the directory you wish to extract the package and run the command:


Follow the steps from the pop-up messages when installing this .bin file. This will install in the following directory structure: Graphics_SDK/OMAP36xx_GFX_Linux_SDK/. In the OMAP36xx_GFX_Linux_SDK the following directories and files are included:

Follow the setup steps given in the readme.txt to get the SGX drivers, samples and libraries to enable running the Graphics applications. Instructions on how to run the sample applications given also in the readme.txt.

SDK Training Material Training for the GFX SDK package is located in the directory:


[edit] Test Results

Instructions on how to execute the tests can be found in the Test Execution User Guide

Test Case ID Test Case Name Validation Criteria Sample file Test Result Comments
9 GFX SDK Application: OGLES2Skybox2 User starts and runs the GFX application. Sample App from /usr/bin/OGLES2Skybox2 Pass Application runs successfully. No way to close the application, must reboot after running.
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