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[edit] Building GStreamer for OMAP4

[edit] Building a module

Building GStreamer using native compilation is really the same as it is to build GStreamer natively on a desktop.

First get the source code by git cloning from GStreamer-omap repository in Gitorious and change to the git branch you want to build.

$ git clone git://
$ git checkout v0.10.35+ti

Then install the dependencies using apt-get build-dep <source-package-name>:

$ apt-get build-dep gstreamer0.10

Finally build:

$ cd gstreamer
$ ./
$ ./configure --prefix=<YOUR_INSTALL_DIR>/usr/
$ make

Use the gst-uninstalled script to run gstreamer without having to install it, or run $make install and use GST_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable to point to the recently installed plugins.

For gst-plugins-good and gst-plugins-bad you should add --enable-experimental to configure parameters in order to build v4l2sink and camerabin2.

[edit] Repositories and branches

Repositories for regular GStreamer modules track upstream on the branch master and TI modifications on a separate branch. The name of this branch is composed as v<upstream release number>+ti. For instance, on gstreamer.git repository, branch v0.10.35+ti contains TI modifications on top of release 0.10.35 of gstreamer library.

GST-Ducati and Libdce are maintained by TI itself and the branch master holds the current development.

List of repositories and corresponding TI branches:

[edit] Miscellaneous notes

  1. ntp doesn't seem to update the time automatically. Run 'sudo /etc/network/if-up.d/ntpdate' after you reboot.
  2. Be careful of time when you build: If you don't reset the system clock (or use ntp to do it for you) then when you recompile, `make' might not recompile some .c files if it thinks they are older than the .o file.
  3. Master branch of upstream repositories is not refreshed often, if you want to use master branch track it from upstream repository on

[edit] Building GStreamer packages for OMAP4

The source for Debian packages can be downloaded from Ubuntu-Omap repository in gitorious.

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