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[edit] Build Angstrom using narcissus

You can build Angstrom for Zoom2 in minutes using the Online Image Builder available at

Note: It is recommended to build Angstrom for omapzoom2 platform through Openembedded framework.

Select the following items:

Note: Narcissus build for Zoom2 (the Angstrom file system) also works on Zoom3 with the appropriate kernel and bootloader for Zoom3

[edit] Building Angstrom using Openembedded

Angstrom follows the same procedure as Openembedded. The only difference is selecting "Angstrom" as the "Distro" and selecting "omapzoom2" as "machine". Both of these variables can be set within the "local.conf".

Edit ${OETREE}/conf/site.conf

  Add the GIT_PROXY_COMMAND to the list of exported variables.  
     exportvars = ['PATH', 'GIT_PROXY_COMMAND', 'GIT_PROXY_HOST', 'GIT_PROXY_PORT', 'GIT_CONFIG', 'http_proxy', 'ftp_proxy',

For more information regarding building instructions refer to

[edit] Troubleshooting Openembedded compilation

***** DO NOT run OE as root/sudoer user *****

While compiling Openembedded you might run into following issues;

1. import types, sets ERROR: no files to build. ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'nano'.

The BBFILES in local.conf or env BBPATH might be set wrong.

BBFILES = "/stuff/openembedded/recipes/*/*.bb"

BBPATH = /stuff/build:/stuff/openembedded

2. /proc/sys/vm/mmap_min_addr is not 0. This will cause problems with qemu so please fix the value (as root).

sudo -i
echo 0 >/proc/sys/vm/mmap_min_addr

3. Using dash as /bin/sh causes various subtle build problems, please use bash instead.

sudo dpkg-reconfigure bash


sudo apt-get remove dash
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