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This wikipage is used to describe how to enable DSP codecs in an Android release. This information will change from release to release so please pay attention to the specific releases that have been used below.

Following were the steps taken to build and test released DSP codecs based on RLS25.10 (tag) and DSP Binaries v1.2 on a production Zoom2 board:

  source vendor/ti/support-tools/release/scripts/

For later releases, the application of is no longer required.

  You have tried to change the API from what has been previously approved.
  To make these errors go away, you have two choices:
1) You can add "@hide" javadoc comments to the methods, etc. listed in the errors above.
2) You can update current.xml by executing the following command:
make update-api To check in the revised current.xml, you will need approval from the android API council.

This is not seen on later releases.

$ mkdir myfs
$ cd myfs
$ cp -Rfp $MYDROID/out/target/product/zoom2/root/* .
$ cp -Rfp $MYDROID/out/target/product/zoom2/system/ .
$ cp -Rfp $MYDROID/out/target/product/zoom2/data/ .
$ mv init.rc init.rc.bak
$ cp -Rfp init.omapzoom2.rc init.rc

Comment out the following lines adding a # sign at the beginning of the line:

“chmod 0660 /dev/ttyS0”
"chown radio radio /dev/ttyS0"
Save the file and exit.

Backward compatibility
symlink /system/etc /etc
symlink /system/lib /lib

For more details please refer to this link

Running the supported use cases:
AAC Decode => Music -> Songs -> Click on clip name
JPEG Decode => Gallery -> All Pictures -> Click on Thumbnail
JPEG Encode => Camera -> Capture
H264 Decode => Gallery -> SDcard -> Click on Thumbnail
MPEG4 Decode => Gallery -> SDcard -> Click on Thumbnail
MPEG4 Encode => (Rename and in system\lib\) Camcorder -> Record

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