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[edit] Introduction

You should have received a firmware tools and build package as part of the release of the AIC3262 driver for OMAP4. This package is named:


This package contains pre-built firmware image for the AIC3262. This document explains the steps needed to customize and rebuild the firmware should your application require it.

[edit] Pre-requisites

1. PurePath Studio GDE (PPS-GDE) version 5.95 Revision 17483 or later. Please see [1]. You will be required to create an account with TI (unless you already have one) before making a request. Please ensure that you use your corporate email address when creating your account. This allows us to quickly determine the request is legit and will result in you being provided access quickly.

2. Windows XP/Windows 7 PC

3. Access to an AIC3262 EVM (such as [2]) is helpful, but not required

[edit] Installation

Install PPS-GDE using the installer you obtained from TI. Please uninstall any older version ppresent on your PC before installing a newer version.

Unzip the firmware tools and build package to a location your choice (we'll call it FW_TOOLS_PATH\)

Install the UserComponentLibrary/ found in the release under %USERPROFILE%\My Documents\Texas Instruments Inc\PurePathStudio (Portable Audio) MiniDSP 5.95\UserComponentLibrary\

[edit] Build Instructions

First, open the process flow(s) of interest and modify it according to your application needs. You may use an EVM to verify changes you make (please see appropriate user documentation on usage of EVM adn PPS-GDE). Once you are satisfied with your changes, rebuild the process flow.

Open a DOS CMD window and navigate to FW_TOOLS_PATH\

   C:\> cd FW_TOOLS_PATH\

Now, run mkcfw_win.exe in the following manner:

   FW_TOOLS_PATH> mkcfw_win ./firmware/build/tlv320aic3262_fw_v1.cfw  tlv320aic3262_fw_v1.bin

Push tlv320aic3262_fw_v1.bin to the /vendor/firmware directory and reboot (the example below used ADB. You may use whatever other method that lets you trasfer binary files between your PC and the target filesystem:

  FW_TOOLS_PATH> adb push tlv320aic3262_fw_v1.bin /vendor/firmware
  FW_TOOLS_PATH> adb reboot

The device driver will now read your new firmware and download the process flows as appropriate from it.

Please refer to the README in teh firmware tools package for additional help on running mkcfw_win.exe

[edit] Release Contents

1. aic3xx-cfw.pdf           : Documentation
2. AIC3XXX_CFW_training.pdf : Training material for CFW use with Linux ALSA ASoC driver
3. mkcfw                    : Linux_x86 binary (Tested on Ubuntu 10.04)
4. mkcfw_win.exe            : Windows XP binary
5. aic3254/                 : Example for use on AIC3254
6. aic3262/                 : Example for use on AIC3262
7. tlv320aic3254_fw_v1.bin  : Pre-built binary for use on AIC3254
8. tlv320aic3262_fw_v1.bin  : Pre-built binary for use on AIC3262
9. target/*                 : Example target-side API (See target/README for more details)
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